Walmart Sends Employees to College

In recent years, Walmart has received much backlash for treating their employees worse than other major companies. A large effort has been made to change this. Within the past few months, the company has increased its wages and offered to send 1.4 million of its workers to college. Why is this so?

By sending over a million of part and full time workers to school is beneficial in many aspects. Workers may go to school in business or supply-chain management. Walmart quickly received positive reviews since the announcement. The positive representation of the company may boosts its reputation; which is good against competitors like Target.

The million of employees that were soon students at the University of Florida, Bellevue University in Nebraska, and Brandman University in California are to take business related classes that could soon help the brand. With better management, the chain may improve and continue moving along with today’s economy.

Statistics also show that for every dollar the company had spent to send its workers to college, not only did they gain it back, but profited from it. Those who took part in the program had increasing wages than those who did not.

Overall, Walmart focused on other major name brands who succeeded from helping its employees, and decided to do the same. The company benefited in different aspects from this major decision.